Frequent Questions

For us it is very important to specify that all our products are in digital format, which will be sent to your registered emails.
Below we will explain some important questions in the purchase process.

  1. Can I amend my order by email after I’ve sent it?
    No. To ensure the accuracy of orders, we no longer accept amendments to orders by email. If you wish to add titles to your order or increase the quantity of an item, please make a separate, additional order.
  2. Can I order from abroad?
    Purchase orders can be made from any country that accepts credit cards or PayPal as payment.
  3. At what time will the files be sent to your emails?
    It will be sent to you as soon as possible by google drive or one drive, in case we are late by more than 1 hour you can contact us through facebook, e-mail and telegram.
  4. How many days will you be able to download the files we sent?
    The access to the files is for 20 days, within those days you will have to download the files and save them on your device.
  5. Can you change the products after you receive them?
    We don’t accept changes of products, only in case we make a mistake in sending you another product that you didn’t buy, only in that case if we accept.