Keynote ( AmE )

Featuring remarkable people communicating passionately and persuasively, TED Talks provide inspiring ideas and an unparalleled source of authentic language. Keynote invites learners to explore life-changing stories for a deeper understanding of the world, developing the confidence and skills needed to express themselves powerfully and proficiently in English.

Keynote American (PDF+Resources):

Keynote (AME) 1 Student’s book.pdf
Keynote (AME) 1 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Keynote (AME) 1 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Keynote (AME) 1 Workbook Audio.rar
Keynote (AME) 1 Video
Keynote (AME) 1 Sources
Keynote (AME) 2 Student’s book.pdf
Keynote (AME) 2 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Keynote (AME) 2 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Keynote (AME) 2 Workbook Audio.rar
Keynote (AME) 2 Video
Keynote (AME) 2 Sources
Keynote (AME) 3 Student’s book.pdf
Keynote (AME) 3 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Keynote (AME) 3 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Keynote (AME) 3 Workbook Audio.rar
Keynote (AME) 3 Video
Keynote (AME) 3 Sources
Keynote (AME) 4 Student’s book.pdf
Keynote (AME) 4 Teacher’s Book.pdf
Keynote (AME) 4 Student’s Book Audio.rar
Keynote (AME) 4 Workbook Audio.rar
Keynote (AME) 4 Video
Keynote (AME) 4 Sources